Our Promise & Values

Our Promise

Our company promise is to deliver a great customer experience with each service we provide to you. Our support second to none, we are with our customers all the way; from the choosing the right item(s) through to completion. We aim to supply your product from start to finish with all processes all under one roof, using the best technology available. Whether it is embroidery, print or heat transfer, leave it to us to give you an exceptional service.

Our Values

Here at Proguard Workwear we have a set of core values in place, so you understand us and the culture within our company. These core values support the vision, mission and principles of Proguard Workwear enabling us to support customers, companies and the wider community. 

 Integrity

At Proguard Workwear having strong ethics is a priority for everyone representing our establishment. This is core to our companies behaviour as a whole, from our warehouse operations to management.  We act in a transparent, trustworthy and honourable manner earning the respect of colleagues, companies, customers and the public. 

 Fairness

At Proguard Workwear we believe in treating everyone equally. We provide equivocal expert advice to all our customers whether it’s a one item order or multiple, we value your
custom. We are humbled by those who trust and value our service by purchasing our items. At Proguard Workwear we strive to make a difference in making the world a fair place, we choose to donate a proportion of our profits to charity.

 Passion

At Proguard Workwear it is our passion not just for the products alone but also to the people we serve. We value our customers as individuals and aim to exceed their needs and expectations. Our passion is to help you throughout the lifespan of our products from adding it into your basket, product wear and tear and replacements. We love to share our knowledge of our products with you, provide technical customisation support and provide you with the products and service you deserve. We will do our best to help you whenever and wherever you need it.

 Quality

At Proguard Workwear we consistently provide top quality products. We do this by selecting and working with reputable suppliers to give you access to top of the range
products. We would like you to make the right investments in the products you buy. Feel free to use the expertise and guidance of our fantastic team to ensure that you choose the most fitting products to suit your needs. Consistency and adaptability are very important to us we love to receive feedback to see how we can serve you better. We’re continually looking to not only meet but exceed your expectations by raising the bar in our quality, service, time and technology progression.