Pricing Guide

We want to make your shopping experience easy as possible by we keeping our pricing as simple and transparent. Our customers often have different specific requirements to meet their needs i.e. customisation of the products. At Proguard Workwear we try to make the shopping process as swift as possible, the initial cost shown on the product page in the box will be of the item no customisation, if personalisation of the item is required then costs will subsequently be added.


At Proguard Workwear we dependably provide top quality products. We do this by selecting and working with reputable suppliers to give you access to top of the range products. On each product page you will see the range of prices for each item based on number of items being ordered. The higher the quantity the higher discounts we can offer.

Application Charges

For each printing or embroidery application you have on a garment, a cost is applied. The cost will depend on the details of the application required. Considerations that will affect the charge will include:

  • Complexity of the logo
  • Type of customisation required
  • Number of applications needed on each product
  • Number of colours on the application
  • Size of logo/application
  • Number of stitches required for embroidered items. (Please NOTE: Max stitch count is 50,000, anything over 25,000 stitch is classed as high stitch count)


Set up Charges

When customising products with us for the first time, an initial customisation set up charge will be applied to your order. This cost covers the time and expense converting the file you upload into a format that can be used for printing or embroidery machines. Set up charges including: 

Type of customisation







Remember, once you have paid a setup charge for a customisation, you will not need to pay the set up charge again for any further orders of the same customisation.